Hello, my name is
Ratiu Cristian-Stefan
I am a Web Developer

Ratiu Cristian Stefan

Date of birth :

11 December 1998 (22 years old)

Phone number :

Address :

Romania, Arad

Education :

National High School of Informatics (2013-2017)

Applied Informatics - Aurel Vlaicu University in Romania (2017-2020)

Entrepreneurship and Business Administration - Aurel Vlaicu University in Romania (2020 - )

Data protection officer- Certificate - Ministry of Labor and Social Justice


Saman Software SRL (May 2020 - )

Being a small company and an owner who does not live in Romania.
I coordinated and initiated a team of four beginners in the field of web programming. (UI/UX & HTML / CSS / JS / jQuery / GIT / WP back-end and front-end development)
And in parallel I coordinated and worked with a team of Indians.
In addition to those mentioned above, there were also management tasks.

SVG animatons, Flexbox, grid, float, table, work with units measure like rem vh vw, know how to use media-query, transforming, transition, box-sizing, pseudo-classes, all about the font (font-size, letter-spacing, text-align ..) background, animations, and many others...

Ajax, Manipulate and access browser objects, document object model, global JS objects, know-how function works, anonymous functions, loops, math objects, date objects, using if..else statements, switch statements, JQ functions, getting element content, changing them...

Variables and operators, functions, loops, regex, if/else, register globals, make algorithms for my projects, data filtering, password hashing...

MySQL/SQLite/SQL Alchemy data modeling, key elements, relational keys, select queries, joins...

Create custom themes with custom functionalities...

Web routes, Views, Passing data, controllers, blade, eloquent, artisan, thinker, routing, migrations ...

Layers, adjustment layer, cut background, trim, path tool, mirror image, free transform, gradients, merge tools...

SEO such as keyword research, on-page, and off-page optimization...

SCSS and SASS, Git, Bootstrap.

Illustrator entry level.

UI/UX (Figma and Adobe XD)

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