Hello, My name is

Ratiu Cristian-Stefan

I am a Web Developer

Information :

email[email protected]

phone number+40-756-454-238


Romania, Arad

    • National High School of Informatics


  • School
    • Applied Informatics at UAV Arad


  • Date of Birth:

    11/12/1998 (21 years old)

    About Me

    Resume about my Knowledge

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    I obtained my knowledge from University, Udemy courses, Youtube, and books. I wanted to grow and to develop a passion for web development. I know: HTML and HTML5. CSS: Flexbox, grid, float, table, work with units measure like rem vh vw, know how to use media-query, transforming, transition, box-sizing, pseudo-classes, all about the font (font-size, letter-spacing, text-align ..) background, animations, and many others. JavaScript and jQuery and Ajax: Manipulate and access browser objects, document object model, global JS objects, know-how function works, anonymous functions, loops, math objects, date objects, using if..else statements, switch statements, JQ functions, getting element content, changing them... PHP and Database: Variables and operators, functions, loops, regex, if/else, register globals, make algorithms for my projects, data filtering, password hashing. MySQL/SQLite/SQL Alchemy data modeling, key elements, relational keys, select queries, joins... Laravel : Web routes, Views, Passing data, controllers, blade, eloquent, artisan, thinker, routing, migrations ... Photo-editing in PhotoShop: Layers, adjustment layer, cut background, trim, path tool, mirror image, free transform, gradients, merge tools... SCSS and SASS, Git. SEO such as keyword research, on-page, and off-page optimization...

    My Prjects :

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